February 2015, Biella, Italy

From 6th of February to 8th of March
BI-BOx Art Space gallery, Via Italia 39, Biella

Thursday, Friday, Sunday from 4 pm to 7 pm
Saturday 10 to 12 am, 4 to 7 pm

An extract from Daniele Decia’s critical text.

[…] Why “informal letters”? It is actually a play on words I use to mix two kinds of art, informal art and visual poetry, just like the artist mixes them in his walls and paintings. “Vortex” is the title of a series of exhibitions in which Opiemme’s work turns to the sky, the universe, the suns, planets, and stars, which the artists discovers as a different self; an interior, dreamy and consoling self. He creates images which are made of words (letters), and now they are fragmented, and the letters float, acquiring an abstract (informal) quality. There is something more powerful, much stronger than human action, something that can create and reset everything. Man is not too precious. The Earth’s balance, the beauty of life, are precious, brutality of survival notwithstanding. The stars are a great place to keep your dreams, reflections, poems. It is by these reflections, born from a thorough study of Giuseppe Sermonti’s text, “L’alfabeto scende dalle stelle”, (The alphabet falls down from the stars), that
Opiemme is fascinated, and they take him to this new world, transforming his recent works, from Poland to Thailand and South America, into radiations of letters, creating real mural visual poetry. […]