17 January – Extended until April 20th
In memory of Giuseppe Sermonti

The sky is a plastered wall waiting to be painted with primordial signs,
stray words that fall like scales from a black (or white) circle,
that can be a new moon or a dawning sun. Or a black hole.
In the beginning there was the word.

Giuseppe Sermonti, Osaka Group of Dynamic Structuralism

The Latin concept of “limen”, the threshold of the house, the first limit to cross to discover what surrounds us, is conceived by the artist both in a physical and political sense.
The use of vintage geographical maps as a support for the pictorial interventions of visual poetry offer a strong and current contextualization to the concept of border: be it an imaginary line, but increasingly real and impassable, which separates the nations; or the sea, that real threshold to which contemporary migrants rely, just as, for different reasons, the ancient time explorers relied, founding their ultimate limit in the concept of the high open sea.



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In these works, phrases, single words, black letters traced in acrylic on the maps with stencils, seem to land on the ground from sidereal distances, covering portions of territories, graphically coding the current condition. Opiemme’s works show an unprepared world facing a drastic change in the geopolitical paradigm and does it from an unusual, detached perspective, which makes their message even more insightful.

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