November, 2013 Nowhere

In the day of Berlusconi’s decadence.
After 30 odd years of Media Dictatorship, who are the newspapers and politicians going to talk about? I’m pretty scared about what will happen in the next few days. Please stop calling his name in vain.

Do call my name in vain, 2012
61 x 34, digital print on dibond

I published the home page of the daily “Il Giornale”. Here is a description on Wikipedia:
“The newspaper was planned in 1972 by the journalist Indro Montanelli […]
In 1977 Montanelli, in financial difficulty, accepted an offer by Silvio Berlusconi, who thus became the publisher. Indro Montanelli edited and published il Giornale from its start, until Berlusconi entered politics (December 1993). At that time he left to found the new daily La Voce. […]”