Urban Forms Murals 2017


Some images of the workshops made with guys/girls of the schools are displayed in this video at 1:55′ (press “5” after starting the video).
A video by Yoicik Group

Hyuro (Argentina) – No title
Kasia Breska (UK) – Łódzkie totemy/Totems of Lodz
Know Hope (Israel) – No title
Moneyless (Italy) – No title
Nespoon (Poland) – No title
Nomad Clan (UK) – Mokosz/Mokosh
Opiemme (Italy) – Remanufacture/Herring
Tellas (Italy) – W środku zimy/Deep Winter

City of Lodz, Poland, 2017 Lodz 4 Cultures Festival I Urban Forms

Please mind: some of these interventions may not be present anymore. Contact us before you visit it, thanks.