A journey through painting and poetry
July 2013, Turin

A record mural. A river of words on the pavements of Turin: seven kilometers signed by Opiemme.
Water has no shape, it’s docile and malleable because it adapts to whatever it encounters. And it is exactly water the theme that has united two neighborhoods, Barca and Bertolla on the northern outskirts of Turin. Once known as the district of washerwomen and boaters. An area however, in which small shops are being smouthered by large supermarket chains. In order to try to change, at least in part, this situation, a project was created one year ago to support local trade called Relive Barca Bertolla. The idea is to capitalize on public space which, based on a proposal by the Public Baths of Via Agliè, will be an urban installation of street art and poetry by the artist Opiemme, who will decorate 7km of pavements with a river of
words, connecting in this way the two areas with writing on the theme of water – an element which has marked the history of both neighbourhoods. […]

An article by Claudia Giraud on Artribune
Photos by Thuy Duong Nguyen and Claudia Giraud

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