A journey through painting and poetry
July 2013, Rieti

Thanks to 3)5 Arte Contemporanea
and the Municipality of Rieti, Opiemme lands in Rieti.
In collaboration with Mother Nature Opiemme realized a site specific based on the Latin words of “Laudes Creaturatum” by St. Francis (San Francesco).
The stencils move through moss and lichens, creating a mural, around 40 meters in length, infused into its surroundings within the Sanctuary of St. Fabian, Sanctuary of the Forest. St. Francis arrived in this beautiful place in September, 1225. There, immersed in the intense emerald greenery of the woods and nurtured by the sound of the springs St. Francis, in all likelihood, wrote Praise of the Creatures.
“Cammino di Francesco”

The second mural is in memory of Antonio Sallustri, the barber of Villa Reatina district, and his love for the sea.

“Venne l’uomo santo e rifuggendo la pompa del mondo e la conversazione degli uomini…”
Anonimo Reatino, Actus Beati Francisci in Valle Reatina, VII, 35, a c. di A. Cadderi, Assisi, Edizioni

Photos: Alessandro Orlandi

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Please mind: some of these interventions may not be present anymore. Contact us before you visit it, thanks.