A journey through painting and poetry
June 2013, Turin

A part of the “Revitilizing Barca and Bertolla” project involved the local merchants, who were invited to chose an artistic happening that would enliven their neighbourhood. The project is now entering its final stage, and the merchants chose the artistic event that combines poetry with street art in the form of an installation by Opiemme. The author classifies the installation, called “A river of words from Barca to Bertolla”, as a “poetic painting”. The installation on one hand will create added value for the neighbourhood, and on the other it will bring its inhabitants closer to art and poetry. All this thanks to Opiemme, an artist and street poet, who will decorate the pavements with a river of words, connecting in this way the two areas with writings on the theme of water — the element that has marked the history of both neighbourhoods, in the past inhabited by washerwomen and boaters. The event was inaugurated in the first week of July and it aims at decorating 7 km of pavements along Strada San Mauro and Strada Settimo.
This initiative was designed to address the need of giving to both of these streets their own character, to establish a connection between Barca and Bertolla and, last but not least, to make use of two busy roads to create a visible artistic event. The project is carried out with the support of the District 6 of the city of Turin, and realized thanks “Bagni Pubblici di Via Agliè”.

Bagni Pubblici di Via Agliè

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