Since 2003, Nowhere

My experience started around 1998, writing poems. Suddenly I tried to mix words with visual arts. Renewing its comunicative forms was my first aim, even though I wasn’t aware of this at the time. Basically I tried to bring poetry closer to people so that they could read it randomly while walking down the street, or discover a poem in a place where it wasn’t supposed to be.
Sticker and poster art were two solutions I used until 2003 when I came up with a new idea: hanging little pieces of rolled-up paper, that people could take. It works really well in grabbing people’s attention. So much so, that I made 30000 Poetry Scrolls (Rotolini di poesia) for the White Night 2007 in Rome, and for many other festivals. I think I have made more than 200.000 Poetry Scrolls in total, especially for festivals. I have also done poetic installations and performances with other artists especially for Book and Literature Festivals.
The streets were about to change the way I worked.


Please mind: some of these interventions may not be present anymore. Contact us before you visit it, thanks.