A tribute to Nirvana’s song “Heart-shaped box”, from “In Utero” (1993).
The wall is at the corner between Via Roma and Via Parri in Follonica, Tuscany.

A text by curator Karin Gavassa:
«Opiemme mural represents the first verse of Nirvana Heart-Shaped Box, the first single taken from In Utero. Opiemme tribute is a cascade of pure black letters shaping an heart of 30 square metres on a 100mq facade deep in the city centre of Follonica.

An intimate and deep message of love, as critic Charles R. Cross pointed out in his Kurt Cobain biography Heavier Than Heaven (2001). With the lyric “I wish I could eat your cancer when you turn black”, the frontman “sang in what has to be the most convoluted route any songwriter undertook in pop history to say ‘I love you’”. Opiemme stencils recall the dramatic intensity of Cobain lyrics, dissolving it in a figurative stream of consciousness on the wall of the historical building Casello Idraulico»



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