Black Hole Sun, LOdz, Poland – to Chris Cornell

A freestyle painting for Urban Forms, which composition is based on the repetitive rhythm of elements in the white boxes. These elements viewed from left to right produce the illusion of a slowly growing movement of the subject, similarly as for the single film frames or a stop-motion footage. The black and white background consisting of calligrams and large planes of color contrasts with the tones of the city and the sky.
While painting Opiemme was thinking about the obvious stillness of giant objects observed in the universe. They may appear static because of their vast dimensions. That relates space to time. The title of the mural, “Black Hole Sun”, refers to the Soundarden’s song that was stuck in the artist’s mind during the creation of the work. The wall is dedicated to the memory of Chris Cornell.

Please mind: some of these interventions may not be present anymore. Contact us before you visit it, thanks.