Sondrio, September 2013

A project by Manuela Colombera for Il Gabbiano, with Studio D’Ars (Question Mark, Milan) and Square23 Gallery (Turin).
Thanks to Livio Ninni for the photos.

“Crossing the bridge that leads to the industrial area you can see a gray building. A former prison. Approaching, one realizes that the structure is not completely gray. On the facade a cascade of colours seems to come from a fireplace. It is Opiemme’s cascade, and I think it can be considered a symbol of the transformation of this building. It is a former penitentiary, and now it literally oozes colours and emotions. The prison, seen from the outside, would seem to be a prison if… Opiemme had not passed by Valtellina.”
Daniel Decia

Artists: Anamaken, Mrfijodor, Corn79, Orticanoodles, Urbansolid Art, Alex Caligaris, SeaCreative, Andrea Ravo Mattonii, Etnik, Opiemme, Akab, Alexander Tenia, Ale Puro, Skià.

Please mind: some of these interventions may not be present anymore. Contact us before you visit it, thanks.